For Anthony Serafin, there is nothing more rewarding than being able to live and raise his children and grandchildren in a safe and peaceful neighborhood, where giant acacia trees and bright sunlight remind him of his life’s many blessings.

Anthony Serafin values the community that Alsons Dev has built at Ladislawa Garden Village, where he’s been residing for more than 25 years. His home at Ladislawa has nurtured his children and continues to provide his grandchildren with a safe, clean, and serene environment to grow up in.

Over the past 25 years, he has enjoyed the best that life has to offer at Ladislawa Garden Village, a flagship residential project of Alsons Dev, with its lush greenery, family-centered amenities, and unrivaled location. “Building a house and a home takes a lifetime, so you have to choose the best possible location to build your family,” he muses. Amidst the secure and nurturing environment that Alsons Dev has created, the Serafins were able to live life to the fullest. “I felt like I grew up with my children. And now that they are married, and have their own children, it’s like experiencing life all over again. My apos also enjoy what my children enjoyed. Seeing my children and apos in this same place, living in this type of premier environment, is such a blessing,” he shares.

The Serafin family is just one of many Dabawenyos who have enjoyed the fruits of Alsons Dev’s forward-thinking and people-centered real estate solutions. Over the past six decades, the pioneering real estate development company has established a solid track record of providing Dabawenyos with beautifully-designed, expertly-constructed, and master-planned, high-value communities where they can enjoy life at its best. It is something that Alsons Dev continues to do to this day—building homes and communities specially designed to address the fast-changing lifestyles of Dabawenyos.

Every Alsons Dev project is guided by a deep understanding of the regional market based on in-depth research and lasting connections with residents. The company takes into account the priorities and lifestyles of its customers. Work matters to them, but so do family and friends. They recognize that Davao offers a fast-paced lifestyle combined with a laidback feel which Manila cannot offer. Moreover, Davao’s booming economy offers immense opportunities for growth. These, in turn, influence their decisions and behavior on property acquisition.

“Alsons Dev will continue to remain as Mindanao’s partner in growth for businesses and families by creating high-quality and well-developed properties of lasting value,“ said Miguel Dominguez, Alsons Dev Director.

Engineer Medario Gonzales has witnessed the growth of Alsons Dev’s portfolio in Davao City as he has been a contractor for several flagship residential projects since 1991.

Alsons Dev’s projects are among Davao City’s known landmarks and most livable communities, covering more than 600 hectares of land in Davao. These projects have helped shape the region’s economic transformation, which Engineer Medario Gonzales has witnessed first-hand—starting out as a contractor during the development of Ladislawa Garden Village, Woodridge Park, Las Terrazas, Fernwood, Eden Ridge, Northcrest, and The Shoppes at Woodlane. Today, Alsons Dev continues its relationship with Engr. Gonzales with its most recent projects Narra Park Residences and Northtown.

Engr. Gonzales continues to work with Alsons Dev to this day, attesting to the professionalism and high level of standards of all developments. This time his son, Walter, also works as a project manager with him in several projects.

 “We Dabawenyos know Alsons Dev as one of the best, if not the best developer, here in Davao City. All their projects are well-thought-out,” he proudly declares. “Their works are professionally done and built to the highest standards. All the developments that they have made in Davao have become communities, while the buildings they constructed have even become landmarks.”

Alsons Dev’s enduring tradition of quality is well-known but is especially prized by its clients who continue to choose the company as their partner in growing their families and nurturing their aspirations.

Vicky Reyes, the owner of Alvic’s Batik Haus, Atbp, was a tenant at the Aldevinco Shopping Center from 2000. She has now moved to Poblacion Market Central along with other local retailers, as Alsons Dev has helped their businesses flourish amidst challenges such as the pandemic. Her advocacy of promoting local designs also aligns with Alsons Dev’s mission of promoting local culture and heritage.

Take Vicky Reyes, owner of Alvic’s Batik Haus, Atbp., who has been a tenant of Alsons Dev’s commercial properties since 2000. “We started at Aldevinco Shopping Center and have now moved to Poblacion Market Central. Alsons Dev’s mission to promote local Mindanao products in their commercial projects greatly resonates with me because I value the art and the effort put into every item produced by Mindanao’s different tribes. We share the same mission,” she shares. “Alsons has also been like a home to us local retailers, so there really is a special connection with the property. Beautiful memories have been made, and bonds have been formed. We did not only survive, but we also thrived, all thanks to Alsons.”

Alsons Dev’s credibility and enviable track record have likewise earned the trust of young families, such as Narra Park Residences homeowners Philip and Kerstin Vargas who know the importance of finding a trustworthy and reliable developer for the needs of their growing family. 

Alsons Dev is the first and only developer that Philip and Kerstin Vargas chose for their young family, after considering the amenities, workmanship, and value for money that its projects bring. Narra Park Residences’ neighborhood has helped foster the growth and healthy lifestyle of their children for more than four years.

“We’ve known Alsons Dev as one of the most reliable developers here in Davao City, and that is why it wasn’t difficult for us to decide. They were very accommodating and they made sure that our dealings were secured so that we could move in without any problems,” Philip shares. “Of course, we want to build our family and raise our kids in a friendly and secure community. Since the park here is very spacious, our kids can play while enjoying the fresh air and a clean environment. That is what we love most about Alsons Dev and Narra Park Residences. They don’t just build houses but they also nurture the people inside their communities,” adds Kerstin.

As the Philippine economy gains strength, Alsons Dev stands ever-ready to address the evolving lifestyle needs of Mindanaoans and provide people-centered solutions that can meet the needs of prospective home buyers and investors by continuously creating vibrant residential and commercial communities. This 2023, Alsons Dev is expanding its portfolio outside Davao City, starting in Alabel, Sarangani, where Avia Estate will rise in the thriving SOCCSKSARGEN region.

Avia Estate is a mixed-use, master-planned development that offers a live-work-play environment for families and individuals in the region. It will redefine the standard of living in the region with vast retail and commercial offerings, reputable educational institutions, and government facilities, all in one strategic address. It will also house Narra Park Residences Avia, a prime residential community strategically located inside the estate providing high-quality homes, open spaces, and essential facilities that will enable residents to thrive in a secure and healthy environment.

“Over the past 60 years, Alsons Dev has been providing solutions for the people of Davao, helping shape their lives and future. We will continue with this tradition,” said Miguel Dominguez, Alsons Dev Director. “With an expansion outside Davao City—starting in SOCCSKSARGEN with Avia Estate in Alabel, Sarangani—all our efforts will be geared towards scaling the growth of the region,” he adds.

“Six decades is just the beginning. We will continue to evolve and cater to people’s ever-expanding needs while remaining committed to fostering stronger communities in the areas where we operate. With Avia Estate, we can strengthen Alsons Dev’s legacy by providing more Mindanaoans with the high-quality homes they truly deserve,” said Mr. Dominguez.